The following is a brief list of assumptions that I use in my work.  It is not required that you trust these
assumptions at this point, but it is likely that you will as you begin to align with your truth and watch reality
shift around you:

  • You create your reality...all of it with no exceptions.  This means health, wealth, love etc. If you believe you co-
    create it then you still have some amazing gifts yet to receive!

  • Everyone has intuition and it is constantly guiding them and giving very valuable information.  Because it is
    often so subtle, most people discount it most of the time.  If you become proficient at learning its language, it
    will never ever lead you astray!

  • The earth plane is designed as a school or play that you set up and chose all of the initial characters and
    events to set the stage for the lessons/soul expansion that you intended for this lifetime.  We chose fully to
    immerse ourselves in the themes of injustice, lack, violation etc because we knew the bigger the lesson, the
    greater the reward and satisfaction at having overcome it.

  • There are no real victims.  At worst, people may be unaware of why they have been victimized, but at the core
    of all victimization is a misalignment with the aspect of self that drew in the violation.  We also knew that by the
    very nature of coming to the earth plane that we would be twisted and contorted and thrown off center in early
    childhood and that would set the stage for the life lessons that we chose to take on in this lifetime.

  • Our external reality merely reflects our internal state of being and changes in real time.

  • While positive thinking can be helpful, it is a very small piece of the puzzle in terms of how you create what
    you create.  Words and thoughts mean very little relative to core soul energy.

  • There is no such thing as good karma and bad karma.  There are only lessons that you choose to learn and
    the things that you draw to you based on your alignment with your soul...not my soul, or some religious
    person's teachings, but your soul and your deepest truth!

  • Everybody chose to be here and those that are having a tough time with the earth experience are simply not
    living in accordance with their soul.  When they do, they will love being here.

  • We exist on a multitude of levels.  Most people have become disconnected from many aspects of self due to
    trauma, early childhood conditioning and/or acquired belief systems.  While we might "think" we are aligned
    with a specific idea or concept, if its not showing up in one's life there will be another aspect of self holding
    more energy and thus not allowing its manifestation.  Getting to know the subconscious mind is crucial in
    getting to know the whole self.

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Most people block out their remembrance of just how big
    and amazing they really are.  As you continue to evolve on your journey you are almost guaranteed to
    encounter the following "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are
    powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." (Marianne Williamson)

  • We are all geniuses in one way or another and we all have a divine purpose.  Your divinity will shine brighter
    and brighter as you align more and more deeply with your soul's needs.

  • Truth = Love = Light