Welcome to Master Your Creation.  My name is Kevin Hodgson and I am empathic.  I facilitate core level soul work.  I
give advanced guidance to people who want to consciously create their reality.  I have been doing this work full-time for
10 years and I expect solid results with every single person I work with.

I have been able to sense energy in a very intricate way since I was born.  I can read, see, feel, hear etc. people's

Energy just is - it is incapable of being anything other than what it is.  I have, however, been witnessing people's words
and actions saying one thing and their energy saying very different things for as long as I can remember.  In my
experience, advanced students welcome seeing where they are out of alignment whereas other's egos often get in the

In my work, you will talk (or even just sit there) and I will listen to your energy.  The vast majority of my work over the
years has been on the telephone - it makes very little difference whether I am in your physical presence or not.  Your
energy will tell me where your blocks are (usually within the first few seconds of hearing your voice for the first time and
often even before we start our actual session), what gives you energy and what takes your energy away, and where you
are in alignment with your personal needs in general.  When we get you in alignment with your personal needs, your life
will flow - no exception.  When you live in alignment with your own personal needs (your soul), there is nothing you can't
do, heal or create.

I do not deal in guess work.  My work is direct and exact.  I expect nothing but solid and concrete results with my clients.
The only person that will limit how far and how fast you can go is you.  What people call miracles are often common
place in my work.  

I have helped hundreds of people find relationships (often with crystal clear clarity on when that person is coming).  I
have helped many people increase their wealth in very significant ways - if I was to speculate at a cumulative total it  
would be an increase in net worth in excess of $10,000,000.  (It should be noted that my work is soul work and even  
working on increasing abundance has very little to do with actual money - it is focused on getting you aligned with your
soul)  My personal favorite is helping people with their unique life purpose - that thing that they, and they alone, are
perfect for and gives them tons of energy, money and satisfaction.  Again, solid and concrete results are the norm         
if you do your work.  My methods have been scrutinized by myself and many others.  Given a consistent history of
results, I am at a point of total acceptance and trust in my process.  Your energy
will show me, we will discuss what is
being  shown and, if you follow your energy's guidance, your life
will change for the better and begin to flow with more
and more momentum.

My work is very quick relatively speaking, but there still is a process.  Change often takes place in incremental steps, but
these steps can go very very quickly if you want them to.  Energy is exact - when you shift your energy, or to the degree
you shift your energy, your external reality will reflect the change - no exception.  I have witnessed countless people
manifest the very thing we were working on in our session when they turned on their cell phone after the session.  

I will help you understand your external reality as a reflection of your internal state of being and you will learn how and  
why you are manifesting the things and events that show up in your life.  You will learn to understand and change
direction when you are getting off course and you will know
exactly what caused it and needs to change.

You are the guide - you already know everything you need to know...I am just the translator.  Ultimately, there are very  
few surprises in the work I do.  You have known all along, I just help reacquaint you with your knowingness.  Nothing is
ever lost, hidden perhaps, but never lost.  It is all in your energy (soul) and we will find it!