About Me
I was born empathic (clairsentient), but my start in personal development work
did not come until a series of very powerful and life changing experiences in my
mid twenties.  Over a period of a year and a half, I experienced a series of higher
consciousness experiences.  Some people call these near death experiences,
Samadhi state, or a direct knowing/merging with the universe.  They were
incredibly profound, and would change my entire life.

These higher consciousness experiences would happen while I was wide awake
usually during the middle of the day when I was very alert.  A second dimension
would open up right in front of me and I could choose to stay where I was, or
peek into the other dimension. You can imagine that it was quite shocking at first,
but, in time, I learned that I could go back and forth with ease and comfort.  
These experiences soon felt normal as I was reminded of higher states of
consciousness and began to remember my pre-life planning.  As some point, I
couldn't believe I had actually forgot all these seemingly obvious details.

During these experiences I would be shown, or have demonstrated in front of
me, many functions of “reality”:

•       I saw and experienced the space/time continuum (how everything that ever
was, or ever will be, is happening right now).
•        I saw and experienced how energy attracts like energy.  I could actually
see energy go out, and manifest like energy in return.
•        I experienced, many times, the state of complete union with EVERYTHING
in the universe – I have NO doubt that we are all one.
•        I would ask various questions, and when the last syllable of my last word
would finish, I would have the complete answer fully integrate into me.

After each experience I would have an integration period.  This would involve a
significant increase in my sensitivity to energy and clarity with my intuition. My
vibration was being stepped up.  I had experienced most of this knowledge in my
childhood, but I began to doubt parts of this remembering as the years passed.  
These experiences were aimed at helping me remember.

My experiences are too numerous to mention, but suffice it to say, my life could
never be the same.  I began to immerse myself in countless aspects of
spirituality, psychology and metaphysics.  I read many books in high school and
university, but I literally ingested books afterward – I needed to know how to
integrate these experiences into my life.

Over the last decade I have completed numerous classes, courses, seminars
and programs ranging from coaching, counselling, regression therapy, intuition,
energy work, healing, meditation, channelling, mind/body integration, and
emotional processing but I do not promote myself using their titles.  They were a
necessary component to helping me learn and integrate what I needed to
integrate, but they, by themselves, do not describe the work I do.  

I do soul work.  I am here to help people remember who they are, and to help
them create the life of their dreams.  We live in an amazing universe, and if we
learn to understand the framework (laws) of the universe, life can be a thing of
mastery.  I have dedicated my life to helping people achieve this mastery in their
lives.  My guides/teachers are truth, love and grace!